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Deep in a Dream : An Evening with the Songs of David McComb' is now ready to roll.

Deep in a Dream : An Evening with the Songs of David McComb’ is now ready to roll.

Here are some details on the album, including the full track listing (order details at end of this post)

This album has been produced as a fund raiser for our documentary Love in Bright Landscapes, and was recorded by Salt Studios mobile recording van (any bands reading: their services come recommended) in June 2008 and mixed in July 2009. The album features The Blackeyed Susans (with guest Triffids Graham Lee & Rob McComb), Charles Jenkins, Mick Thomas’ Shackleton, and Diving Bell all performing from McComb’s incredible songbook. Spoken word performer Sean Whelan also read McComb’s poem ‘Behind the Garages of this Country’ with collaborators The Mime Set. The gig was an overwhelming success, closing with of one McComb’s last major compositions, costar’s The Good Life Never Ends, performed by The Blackeyed Susans, available for the first time on this album.

The cover photo is by Tony Mott, the inlay art comprises photos from the show and photos kindly donated by Dr Harold McComb. Thanks to Julian Wu for the pic on the back cover.

Tracklisting is as follows: all recorded 100% live.

The Blackeyed Susans Ocean of You
The Blackeyed Susans A Curse on You
Charles Jenkins Raining Pleasure
Shackelton Spanish Blue
Shackelton 25 to 5
Diving Bell Red Pony
Diving Bell Tender is the Night (The Long Fidelity)
Sean M Whelan/ The Mime Set Behind the Garages of this Country
The Mime Set Lonely Stretch
The Blackeyed Susans In the Pines
The Blackeyed Susans Blackeyed Susan
The Blackeyed Susans Jimmy
The Blackeyed Susans The Good Life Never Ends

Feedback from some industry/media types who have heard it already has been very positive, chiefly that there’s a tangible sense of atmosphere throughout. And, that in keeping with the full title , there’s a great sense of it capturing an evening with the songs.

Thanks to all those here that supported this project in anyway: it means a great deal. I’ve listened to this album exhaustively during its production and I still love every bar of it. I hope you do too.

It can be ordered online here

Deep in a Dream: An Evening with the Songs of David McComb: CD RELEASE

Realise it’s been some time since I’ve posted to these parts regards the progress of the documentary ‘Love in Bright Landscapes’ that’s because we’ve been busy making it. More on this soon (there are completed about 20 interviews for the project, plus location footage, and more).

As both a calling card and a fundraiser for the completion of the film, Danielle Karalus and I are excited to announce that in coming weeks, we’ll be releasing a live album of David McComb’s songs, recorded at the benefit show at Melbourne’s Corner Hotel in June 2008, featuring contributions from all the bands who played on the evening. This project has been undertaken with a great deal of care and attention, and couldn’t have happened without the support of the bands, 3 RRR FM, Salt Studios, who recorded the show to multi track on the evening, and the cooperation of key folk such as your webmaster and others of similar import.

So: what’s ON IT? I won’t reveal full details just yet, but I can confirm the following ….

Shackleton (Mick Thomas of Weddings Parties Anything, Chris Altmann of The Vandas, Anna Burley of The Killjoys) performing ‘Spanish Blue’.

Charles Jenkins (solo) performing ‘Raining Pleasure’.

A really beautiful reading of ‘Tender is the Night’ (featuring, among others, Matt Habben who played in costar ) by Diving Bell.

Sean M. Whelan reading David’s poem ‘Behind the Garages of this Country’ (as published on this site and in Beautiful Waste).

The first ever live performance of ‘Blackeyed Susan’ (from The Black Swan). Apparently this was never worked up live in The Triffids’ final performing years (if I am incorrect, I am sure someone here will put me right) and The Susans never did it either. Phil Kakulas co-wrote the song with David and now, odd loping time signature and all, … here it is, performed by The Blackeyed Susans.

And the album will close with….. The Blackeyed Susans performing an slowly building, impassioned, ultimately rafter raising version of The Good LIfe Never Ends, originally recorded by costar. (so, how about that…?)

And, I should add that The Susans performances feature guests Graham Lee and Rob McComb, both as ever in superb form.

Regards. I hope you’re looking forward to hearing it.

Melbourne Launch of Beautiful Waste Poetry Book

In Between Words. The Melb launch of Beautiful Waste: Poems by David McComb

“An Evening of Readings and Performances.” Bar Open, 317 Brunswick St Fitzroy Sept 9 FREE!

Featuring: Sean M Whelan, The Single Man’s Drinking Club, Kieran Carroll, The Blackeyed Susans Trio,

Rob McComb, ‘Evil’ Graham Lee, Judith Lucy, Mark C Halstead, and Handsome Steve Miller

It's About The Cliffe! Show.

It’s about The Cliffe! It’s about The Cliffe! Doesn’t He Get it?

In 2008 Colin Barnett introduced a motion into the WA Parliament that lead to David McComb’s former family home The Cliffe being removed from The Heritage Register. In 2009, Peppermint Grove Shire issued a demolition license. But, at this point, it’s still standing. If you’re in WA , come and help save it!

Save the Cliffe: Sun Aug 9, Railway Hotel, North Freo from 2pm

Kevin Smith and the Seven Storey Jumpers, Jayco Brothers, The Old Croak, The Honeys, Ellen Oosterbaan, Salvage Diver, Matt De La Hunty, The Morning Night, Richard Lane (Stems!), Robbie Jalapeno, No Flowers No Wedding Dress, Stereo Flower, Goodnight Tiger and the Unbelievable Truth.

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