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Don’t keel over in shock, it’s a post. you see, this filmmaking business is a duckin’ , weavin’, sleep deprivin’ ever evolvin’ process involving much self justification in the form of filling out sheets of paper, meetings and such. When hurdles are hurdled, you apparently find time to actually consider the processes you go through to create something faithful to the core of your subject that excites the audience and meets the remit you’ve set for yourself. Which is a longwinded way of saying there’s just been NO time to post lately. Since I last posted, I’ve been in Perth and country WA shooting with the ever faithful, and intrepid Dan, who is as willing to lose as much as sleep as I do over this film, and a DP named Andy Commis. Armed with ideas, a bolex camera (thank you Steve) and a Super 8 camera, and many difffering varieties of super 8 and super 16mm film we trooped off to capture many different locations, people and ideas over 10 days in late Feb and early March. We shot regular video diaries on location: these will be eventually uploaded to this site so you can actually SEE what we’re getting up to, as opposed to reading my scrawls. We spent about10 days (felt like 20) in Perth and also Ravensthorpe near the McComb family property where The Triffids made In the Pines. We shot land/sea scapes We spoke to many of Dave’s oldest friends and visited several of his old haunts with them , went down into Fitzgerald national park and to Hopetoun and got up to East Mt Buller, via Culver Inlet. On the way down we shot some panoramic shots of Lake Grace and Lake King: capturing the heat haze over the salt plains. We spent hours chilling our wee mitts off while Dan went for coffee that was the best I’ve tasted in my life shooting a timelapse of Perth at dawn from a bridge. It was ‘character building’: or so I tell myself. There’s more: wait for the video and you can watch instead of read.

Truth, decades, and all that

I sorted this out privately. Songs and stories are now being swapped. And, no else need ask me further questions about it. all is rather well.


“Here are the young men/the weight on their shoulders/here are the young men/where have they been?

We knocked on the doors of hell’s darker chamber/pushed to the limit/we dragged ourselves in”

Decades, Joy Division.

Today it is ten years since David passed away. I suspect he’d have some issue or other with me quoting Ian Curtis at you and dragging him into it somehow. But in the sense of justifed celebration of McComb’s art and its absolute relevance, there is lost somehow, a sense of the deep tragedy that occured.And those who delve deeper into the music today will find it brigther, darker, deeper, harder, sweeter and more complex than ever. It occurs to me that creating documentary material faithfuly presents a sort of paradox. Firstly, there has to be some passion in the subject invested by the filmmakers. But… this passion cannot cloud truth. From truth, must come story. And a documetary without a story is rather like a band with no strings on their guitars. That’s all for now. BUT…coming soon (really)

*News on new people joining the project!

*News on upcoming shooting!

*Onset photography!

*MORE POSTS! (truly, madly, deeply, really…. I promise)

David McComb Tribute: Mojos, Perth Feb 5 2

Dave McComb Commemorative Concert

“Celebrating a Life in Song, Ten Years On”

THURSDAY 5 February 2009

On 2 February 1999, David McComb, charismatic front person with the Triffids and the Blackeyed Susans, and one of Australia’s most significant songwriters, died tragically just before his 37th birthday as a result of complications from a car accident and a deteriorating heart condition.

Evocative use of uniquely-Australian landscape was one of the characteristics that made the Triffids one of the most critically-acclaimed acts ever to emerge from Western Australia. Contemporaries such as Paul Kelly and Steve Kilbey (The Church) cited McComb as a major influence on their work.

In 2001, the APRA named his song ‘Wide Open Road’ as one of the thirty greatest Australian songs of all time. In 2006, he was posthumously inducted into the WAM Hall Of Fame, and last year The Triffids were inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame.

His legacy continues to have a profound influence on quality, original, Australian music.

In commemoration of the ten-year anniversary of McComb?s passing, and in anticipation of the Triffids sold-out reunion shows for the Perth International Arts Festival later in the month, a collection of local musicians plan to celebrate the genius of David McComb at MOJOS on Thursday 5 February.

“This was something that I felt just had to be done” says event organizer and musician, Robbie Jalapeno, “To me, Dave McComb is the best songwriter to come out of WA and this is one way for members of the local scene to give thanks. I knew the PIAF shows were going ahead, but the ten-year thing was only ever going to happen once.

Raising a glass to McComb on the night will be Matt De La Hunty and the Smokin’ Eldorados, Felicity Groom, Kevin Smith and the 7 Storey Jumpers, Selk Hastings and the Wild Free, Prita Grealy, Peter Baxendale and Russell Kingdom, Kim McDonald and robbie jalapeno.

Mojos, Queen Victoria St, North Fremantle, Ph. 9430 4010

Thursday 5th Februar/Doors open 8 pm

Entry $12

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