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Save The Cliffe: David McComb's old family home

Many Triffids fans will be aware of the significance of The Cliffe, David’s childhood home , the Jarrah Mansion in Peppermint Grove owned by the McComb family until 1995.The mansion recently lost its heritage listing and now has a demolition order upon it. There is , apparently, a possibility one major area of the house may be move and used as tearooms or something similar, but the property itself in its current state — the grounds, the stables, the gardens and more, looks to be very limited in lifespan indeed. This is a travesty. Not only was The Cliffe a place of great inspiration for David McComb, who wrote several of the great songs in his canon of work there, but its a beautiful piece of historical architecture, possessing enormous character, and it exemplifies many aspects of a now long past era. If you want to add your name to this online petition to help save The Cllffe, I encourage you to click here

Mr Lenny Kaye

This week, Mr Lenny Kaye was kind enough to grant us an hour of his time to speak about his role consulting on the Calenture album. Those who have read Sally Collins’ liner notes in the reissue will know the story. Lenny shared some rather wry observations on the whole industry landscape of the time, was full of praise for the work Gil Norton did on the album, and offered some finely considered observations on Dave (for our documentary project). A man of some considerable integrity, wit and generousity.

Adelaide Triffids Fans: Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

I thought SA residents and anyone in Adelaide Oct 25 might be interested in the following show. The good folk behind it are going to have a wee whip around for our doco, so all you SA people who want to support us here’s a great chance to do so! I can’t help noticing my old mate Nazz (yeah, he with ‘God given ass’….) has named his band The Red Ponies….! The cheek of the lad:)

THANKS NAZZ! Y’all have a great evening now. Can’t wait to hear how it all goes!

Triffids Tribute Night
Grace Emily Hotel , 9pm

Nazz and The Red Ponies ………..((cheeky bastard))
The Holy Sea
Matt Reiner
The Good China

Matt Reiner is the organiser and his band The Pleasure of Books have a myspace here with more info on the gig/night


Hello all. Been a wee while. Thank you again for all those who came to The Corner Hotel show in Melbourne. For those unable to be there in evening by dint of geography or simply VBLS (Very Busy Life Syndrome…) ; the audio will soon be available to stream at; we’ll update when it’s confirmed and up.

The period since the show has been spent engaging with various funding bodies to assist in the production of the film. Won’t bore you with finer points. But, fingers and legs crossed now. I also (finally, finally) submitted my chapter to Chris Coughran and Niall Lucy’s upcoming book on David.

Of late, we’ve been in quite regular touch with members of the family about the film and planning how we’re going to use some of funds we’ve raised.

I was saying to Graham the other day that when you’re constantly drilling down into the detail of a film can work, what it needs, why it needs it, how you can achieve your goals, etc etc… it’s so easy to forget your ’subject’ is not a subject, but was a person. A few recent emails and indeed recent musical moments have served to remind me just a little of this; and of course, this in turn provokes new thoughts on why David McComb was such a remarkable individual.

It was great to get down to the Marquis de Lorne in Fitzroy to see The Blackeyed Susans the other night as well. It’s a lovely pub, even if the evening was a tad crowded. There’s little doubt The Blackeyed Susans’ audience has started to come back and see them live again; they remain a sublime live music experience; always fantastic to hear them play anything at all — I’d listen to Rob Snarski sing the form guide — but The Good Life Never Ends (from the unreleased costar ep) appears to have become quite a staple of their live set.

I am yet to go through the recently shot footage in Sydney with James Paterson, Fergus Linehan (Sydney Festival) and Richard Kingsmill from Triple J, and of course the several hours we shot with The Triffids’ former manager Sally Collins at her property in country NSW in June. I will report back sooner this time!

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