Danielle is a creative producer and director who has worked across TV, film, DVD and online environments. She is a graduate of highly regarded VCA School of Film and Television. As an independent producer, Danielle is currently in development on a range of single documentaries and TV series. Working part time at Madman, Australia’s leading independent film distributor, Danielle heads the video production department. Her experience includes documentaries and interviews on over 30 Australian and international feature film DVD releases including Animal Kingdom, Balibo, My Year Without Sex, Romulus My Father, Noise, Look Both Ways, Candy, Jasper Morello and Three Dollars.

As a film/multimedia producer, her works have been presented and exhibited in Australia and internationally at leading digital media arts festivals including the European Media Arts Festival (EMAF - Germany), dLux (Sydney Film Festival), Fusion (Experimenta/St Kilda Film Festival), Experimental Art Foundation, +playengines+ (Digital Arts and Culture Festival).