Love in Bright Landscapes: The Story of David McComb of The Triffids is a feature length documentary telling the story of the breakneck creative adventure taken by late Australian singer songwriter David McComb (1962-1999). McComb is best known for his work with The Triffids in the 1980s, and is only now being recognised around the world as a timeless songwriter of genuine significance.


Love in Bright Landscapes documents the lifelong creative adventure of legendary, late Triffids songwriter David McComb; equal parts rock'n'roll triumph and Shakespearean tragedy.


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Jonathan Alley (Director)
Director's Bio

Danielle Karalus (Producer)
Producer's Bio

Tony Ayres (Producer)


Graham Lee

Alsy McDonald

Rob McComb

Jill Birt

Martyn Casey

Lenny Kaye

Ricky Maymi

Paul Kelly

Phil Kakulas

Rob Snarski

Richard Kingsmill

Julian Wu

Toby Martin

Will Akers

Sally Collins

Harold & Athel McComb

James Patterson

Richard Gunning

Julian Douglas-Smith

Thomas Hereaux

Lynden Barber

Fergus Lineham