CD - Deep in a Dream: An Evening with the Songs of David McComb

CD - Deep in a Dream: An Evening with the Songs of David McComb

A live album of remarkable interpretations of the late David McComb's songs. Featuring The Blackeyed Susans' only available collection of live recordings, the previously unreleased costar song The Good Life Never Ends and a reading of the David McComb poem Behind the Garages of This Country by Sean M Whelan. Recorded at the overwhelmingly successful benefit show at Melbourne's Corner Hotel in June 2008. 100% of proceeds of the CD will be used for the making of the documentary on David McComb - Love in Bright Landscapes. Buy it here.


1. Ocean of You (The Blackeyed Susans)
2. A Curse on You (The Blackeyed Susans)
3. Raining Pleasure (Charles Jenkins)
4. Spanish Blue (Shackelton)
5. 25 to 5 (Shackelton)
6. Red Pony (Diving Bell)
7. Tender is the Night (Diving Bell)
8. Behind the Garages of this Country (Sean M Whelan & The Mime Set)
9. Lonely Stretch (The Mime Set )
10. In the Pines (The Blackeyed Susans)
11. Blackeyed Susan (The Blackeyed Susans)
12. Jimmy (The Blackeyed Susans)
13. The Good Life Never Ends (The Blackeyed Susans)

**** (Four Stars)
"A haunting reminder of a towering talent....
a poet of Dylanesque proportions with a uniquely Australian outlook. A must for fans, an education for the uninitiated."
Chris Murray, MAG

"McComb's songs swarm with life - delivered ferocious with emotion, written with a literary arc, in considered language, his rich songbook by turns harrowing, archly funny, deliciously black. It's wonderful to hear McComb's songs played live and brought to life on this album. There should probably be an annual David McComb celebration... let's keep the fires burning ."

Lauren Zoric, Mess and Noise

"Deep In A Dream may not contain the most 'obvious' of McCombs' impressive catalogue, but there is not one dud amongst them. In The Pines is a highlight ... as is the (Blackeyed Susans) rendition of one of the final songs that McComb wrote - The Good Life Never Ends"


"A lovely piece of serendipity... the live record sees The Blackeyed Susans provide stirring renditions of classics like In the Pines and Ocean of You, as well as the debut live performance of Blackeyed Susan, while Charles Jenkins' take on Raining Pleasure and Diving Bell's version of Tender is the Night prove highlights among many."

Rhythms Magazine