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“Here are the young men/the weight on their shoulders/here are the young men/where have they been?

We knocked on the doors of hell’s darker chamber/pushed to the limit/we dragged ourselves in”

Decades, Joy Division.

Today it is ten years since David passed away. I suspect he’d have some issue or other with me quoting Ian Curtis at you and dragging him into it somehow. But in the sense of justifed celebration of McComb’s art and its absolute relevance, there is lost somehow, a sense of the deep tragedy that occured.And those who delve deeper into the music today will find it brigther, darker, deeper, harder, sweeter and more complex than ever. It occurs to me that creating documentary material faithfuly presents a sort of paradox. Firstly, there has to be some passion in the subject invested by the filmmakers. But… this passion cannot cloud truth. From truth, must come story. And a documetary without a story is rather like a band with no strings on their guitars. That’s all for now. BUT…coming soon (really)

*News on new people joining the project!

*News on upcoming shooting!

*Onset photography!

*MORE POSTS! (truly, madly, deeply, really…. I promise)

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  1. Yea Dave would have been sickened by your sanctimonious rubbish much as we all enjoyed Joy Division when they came out. If you approach your film with the same attitude, you will completely miss the point about Dave. Forget all that rubbish you are q\writing about truth and fealty. Truth had nothing to do with Dave. I knew him for 17 years and he hardly ever uttered a ‘truthful’ word. Not in the lie/truth sense. Or in the true/false sense. The paradox about Dave was that he wrote those intense songs while remaining a polite, gentle and humorous person. The Ian Curtis movie by Jon Savage says much the same thing about him incidentally.

  2. “From trouth, must come story.”
    Yes , I agree with you.
    Don’t give up this direction.

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