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Deep in a Dream Hits the Rhythms Magazine Chart+ More Strong Reviews!

The good folk at Rhythms Magazine have seen fit to install Deep in a Deep at number 28 on their top 40 chart; up six places from the initial position at no.36 …AND, just look who our neighbours at no.27 turn out to be! Close enough to wave to our friends The Susans. :) 

5. (14) SEA OF TEARS Eilen Jewel (Shock)
26. (-) THROWBACKS The Backsliders (Ind)
27. (31) REVEAL YOURSELF Blackeyed Susans (Liberation)
29. (35) LOSIN’ LATELY GAMBLER Corb Lund (New West/Shock)
30. (-) MIDDLE CYCLONE Neko Case (Shock)
31. (15) THE RISE AND FALL OF GOODTOWN Wagons (Spunk)

There was also this in the Sydney Morning Herald (who called us Tornado ‘Valley’ – subbing standards at Fairfax continue to slip!)

Enjoy another chance to play in the McComb songwriting pit. Songs from The Triffids and The Blackeyed Susans remind you of the variety and depth of the writing. Shackleton’s lively ‘Spanish Blue’ and the Susans doing ‘The Good Life Never Ends‘ are two good ones.”  

NZ site have also picked up on the release 

“The strength — and diversity — of his songwriting is evident on this live tribute album  ”An evening with the songs of David McComb” on which the remaining The Blackeyed Susans  Diving Bell, Shackleton and other friends lined up to play his songs and raise money for a film of McComb’s life Love in Bright Landscapes.  Many of McComb’s lyrics are poetry — and Sean M Whelan reads Behind the Garages of This Country (with the Mime Set providing the sonic landscape) as exactly that.David McComb is long overdue his tribute. This — with a moving, hidden track by poet Whelan after the previously unreleased and beautiful The Good Life Never Ends -- seems like a good start.”


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