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Interview Fatigue.... can help

Viewing , re-viewing, and generally delving into all these hours of interviews (that’s scores of hours, hundreds of questions, about 20 different shades of single collective memories, and one now seemlngly rather iconic songwriter) is like listening to an album. It’s can vary according to mood, mindset and setting. In February, we spoke (amongst a great many others) John McComb, one of David’s elder brothers. I’d met John previously in Sydney in January 2008, when he read some of Dave’s poems onstage. John seemed so quietly reflective on the day we spoke with him; and so very helpful to us. As with the shows, John read for us as well as answering our questions. Since we spoke , in ways I won’t delve into here, this impression has changed , then changed again. Not in any negative way whatsoever; just in varying shades ; viewing someone think, then speak, then react, reconsider and speak again is quite illuminating. Thankfully for us, who have to watch it all. :)

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