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"Let The Ideas Be Themselves" David Lynch

That’s it. I am over endlessly justifying the rationale for this story. It’s soon going to rationalise itself somewhere unpleasant. Has no one ever pointed out to the various ne’er-do-wells that appear to run the world that expression and stories are gut impulses and feelings, not a preset menu of carefully worded ideas polished for a select group of individuals for their tut tutting approval? No wonder artists get jaded and defensive about talking about their work. and worse, as we’ve seen. forgive me if I sound like some old lovey crapping on in a theatre foyer. I probably do. My current impulse is to write the entire film then lock it in a vault for about a year. Not everyone relates to Dave’s work the same way I do : this to be expected. And not everyone else finds the teetering balance between fan and documentarian so strange. why would they? That said: he’s both a wonderful and frustratingly difficult subject; a series of enigmas; he seemed to be several people and yet always himself. I’ve no idea of what some people would say about me saying that. but that’s what blogs are for I suppose; to express ideas and see if they can formed another way.

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