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Save The Cliffe: David McComb's old family home

Many Triffids fans will be aware of the significance of The Cliffe, David’s childhood home , the Jarrah Mansion in Peppermint Grove owned by the McComb family until 1995.The mansion recently lost its heritage listing and now has a demolition order upon it. There is , apparently, a possibility one major area of the house may be move and used as tearooms or something similar, but the property itself in its current state — the grounds, the stables, the gardens and more, looks to be very limited in lifespan indeed. This is a travesty. Not only was The Cliffe a place of great inspiration for David McComb, who wrote several of the great songs in his canon of work there, but its a beautiful piece of historical architecture, possessing enormous character, and it exemplifies many aspects of a now long past era. If you want to add your name to this online petition to help save The Cllffe, I encourage you to click here

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  1. What a bunch of wankers! A petition is useless! What is needed to “save” The Cliffee is much more practical – money. oVER $20 million to buy the whole property from the family that currently own it OR around half that amount to relocate the main house to another site nearby owned by the Council. A Petition. For gods sake what century are you living in adn whose idiotic idea is it that signing something so useless would actually have an effect? Is this about saving The Cliffe or making some fans feel good for a few seconds?

  2. The petition isn’t the initiative of the filmmakers behind this blog, they’re just raising some awareness as few outside of Perth know much about this issue at all. I’d say you have little hope of raising any money at all if people don’t understand why they should put their hands in their pockets.

  3. What are they going to build there? Another huge fuck-off block n’ beige number? Maybe masses of horrible units which go for half a king’s ransom each? And you, George, can take a flying fuck off any cliff you bloody-well like.

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