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So; wondering where we’d been? Busy little bees. Bees who should have had more time to blog, but busy none the less. In the wake of Sydney , we re-thought a great deal of the film. Now, we’ve completed a 13,000 word documentary treatment on Love in Bright Landscapes, that we’re going to circulate to key people in David’s life this week for their thoughts. I personally will be quite worried if they all say ‘it’s fine’. But I don’t feel they will somehow….! While the treatment has meant several late night sessions up late accompanied by cheap red and endlessly reinvented Dave/Triffids playlists, it’s been so immersive, so intensive that it’s made me think about every frame of every scene. We’re off to visit The Triffids’ former manager Sally Collins very soon before she jets off OS, and we’ll pop in on James Paterson while we’re in Sydney. Just a little note to tell you we’re alive and that the film is alive and well.

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