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When You Just Can't Watch It Anymore...Watch It Again.

Going over Perth/WA footage at the moment. Not interviews, I’ve seen all those. Over and over again. And that’s par for the course; and I’m actually very happy to do so; it’s a litmus test in a way; if I can watch these interviews, moments and various perspectives ad infinitum and still find subtly new, different shades, they or at least a healthy component of them — must have some fundamental value or weight. Sometimes with interviews, I even slip and have to remind myself I am supposed to be watching analytically.

“Oh hang on” I catch myself saying “this is MY film, that’s right.., this is actually quite interesting!” But, that applies to the odd moment, no the whole thing. (I’m not a complete egotist. Really) Or least I hope I’m not.

Where was I? Location footage. Yes…so , anyway. As usual with these sorts of ventures ; the things you think are fantastic (or going to sing) very often don’t come out as you’d hoped or planned, and the things you recall having reservations about often come out some what differently — ok, better — than expected.

The footage I’ve viewed is of a first light telecine from mainly super 16mm cross processed footage shot on a bolex camera, and a smaller but still significant series of shots on Super 8. There is also some b@w 16mm footage shot in a single afternoon that was an idea that come to me over some Emu Bitter (you know…when in Rome…etc,etc) in the Ravensthorpe Hotel one evening. I’m going through each and every shot and logging it , commenting on it, coding it, and then thinking about it.

It reminds me of mad old Bruce ‘Withnail and I’ Robinson ; “when you’ve written it over and over, and you just can’t bear to write it more time…do just that.”

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